Report misconduct such as emotional or physical misconduct, bullying, hazing or harassment as well as sexual misconduct such as child sex abuse, non-consensual sexual conduct, sexual harassment or intimate relationships involving an imbalance of power


  • Keep completed player Medical Release Waivers and Consent for Transportation with you at ALL practices and games (A gallon ziplock back is a great way to keep the forms clean and dry in your soccer bag.)
  • If another coach sometimes leads practice or covers games for you, photocopy the forms and provide that coach with a set.
  • If a player is injured and their parent is not present, the paper form is required in order for the player to receive treatment and/or transportation to a medical facility.

Medical Release Waiver

Signed paper waiver form is required for ALL players.

Signed form is required IF coach is authorized to transport player.

Parents may opt out, but coach WILL NOT be allowed to drive a player to/from ANY practice or game.


Signed paper waiver form is required for ALL players.

Injury Report Form

Complete and email to after any significant injury to an LHSC player that occurs during the course of a game, a practice or team activity

Red Card Report Form

Mandatory when a red card or double yellow card is given to an LHSC player or coach during the course of a game. Complete and submit to

Insurance Claim Form

Insurance is provided through a Washington State Youth Soccer Association policy. You are encouraged to review the Insurance Claim Process before attempting a claim.

The claim form must be completed and submitted by REGISTERED LHSC COACH OR MANAGER. Forms completed by other parties will automatically be denied.

Contact Keli Bitow with any questions regarding the online claims submission process.

Registration Forms

Families not able to register online should contact for all necessary forms and fee information



2019 LHSC Rec Coach Checklist

Resource to help coaches prepare for the upcoming season.

EYSA 2023 Handbook

"The Rules"

Parent Pledge

This form can be handed out to your parents at the first practice. Ask them to sign and bring back to you prior to the first game of the season. This is an optional form for you to use as a coach but our experience has shown that coaches employing this form have a much easier time working with their parents over the course of the season.

Field and Roster Forms

Blank Field Form used for drawing up plays or showing positions.

Field form with Positions used to assist with player placement. It is set for eleven players, but can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Field Position and Substitution Plans: Used to list out starting positions and to organize your subsitution timing and placement. There are four versions of this form (see below). The positions are set using Excel so some quick manipulations can make this form work for any line-up formation or size.

Official Game Roster: Used to list your roster and to be handed to the referee prior to the game.


Coaches need to bring 3 copies of the roster to each match.