2020 Recreational Season Cancelled

FALL Program

U6 & U7 for boys and girls born in 2014 and 2015 (pre-K welcome!)
Learn more about the program: Micro Soccer

Fee = $100

includes uniform & ball

Scholarships available


2020 Recreational Season Cancelled

FALL Program

U8-U12 (2009-2013 birth years)
Learn more about the program: Modified Soccer

Fee =$185

U8 uniform included

U9-U12 uniform not included

Scholarships available



2020 Recreational Season Cancelled

FALL Program

U13-U19 (2002-2008 birth years)
Learn more about the program: Recreational Soccer

Fee = $185 

Uniform not included

Scholarships available


U10-U19 (2002-2011 birth years)

Tryouts required

2020 Registration Fee TBD
Uniform and team fees not included

Scholarships available

Learn about the program: Club Select


LHSC players depend on parents to volunteer as coaches and team managers

All coaches and managers complete health and safety training and a national background check

For more information about coaching U6 & U7, email Micro@lakehillssoccer.org

For more information about coaching Mod Rec and Rec U8-U19, email Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org

Email ClubSelect@lakehillssoccer.org if interested in our Club Select program


Ready to commit? Click the appropriate button below to register as a LHSC coach.


Answers To Registration FAQs


Recreational players register online through our website April 1- May 31. Players are assigned to teams by the registrar in June/July. Club Select teams hold tryouts in May (with the exception of U16+ Boys, whose tryouts are held in February.)
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No player can be on the roster of two different Washington State Youth Soccer Association teams.

Parks and Recreation, CYO, Boys and Girls Club, indoor, and school teams are NOT part of WSYSA, so a player may be on both types of teams at the same time.

No player can register or be rostered on two recreational teams in two clubs, a select team and a recreational team, two teams of different age groups, or two teams in different leagues or divisions.

If you have questions, please contact registrar@lakehillssoccer.org 

The only players eligible to compete in league games for a team are the players on the official roster as issued by the registrar. Other players may not play as a “guest” in league or State Cup games regardless of whether the player might be a member of another EYSA club team. Such “help” could result in forfeit of games.

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Registration for U8-U19 Recreational is open April 1-May 31. Some age groups may reopen for late registration over the summer if space is available. Register in APRIL for the best chance of placement on a team with friends/schoolmates.

Registration for Micro U6 & U7 is open April 1 through early September as space allows.

Registration for Club Select TRYOUTS is open online each spring.

Registration for Club Select teams takes place soon after tryout offers are made. All Club Select players must be registered for the upcoming season in order to participate in summer tournaments.

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Registration is online through our website,  April 1- May 31.

Payment by credit or debit card is required at the time of registration. Contact Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org if you need help registering or need to use a different payment method.

Proof of Age must be submitted within 7 days of registration if this is your first time registering with our Club, or the Club does not have receipt of documentation on file. Registration will be revoked if proof of age is not received.

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Email a scan or high-definition photo to Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org


According to Washington Youth Soccer (WSYSA), proof of age shall consist of one of the following:

  • Passport
  • State-issued OFFICIAL birth certificate (hospital certificates are not official and not accepted)
  • Birth registration issued by an appropriate government agency or board of health records
  • Alien registration card issued by the United States government
  • Certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age
  • Current Driver’s License or Permit
  • Federal, state, or local government identification card
  • Certification of a United States citizen born abroad
  • Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card

Lake Hills Soccer Club keeps a record that the player’s birth date was verified.

Documents received are destroyed. LHSC does not collect or track citizenship information.

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Registration fees are posted on each program’s information page. Links below…


Mod Rec


Club Select

Registration after May 31, if available, may be subject to a late fee.

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Lake Hills Soccer Club is committed to make soccer available to as many children as possible. We offer a scholarship program which reduces the registration fees for Recreational and Club Select players.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship program, families provide documentation that they qualify for free or reduced-price lunches through public school. Any/all financial info collected from parents is kept private and confidential.

Recreational U6-U19 fee is reduced to $25.

Club Select registration fee is reduced to $75.

Contact the club registrar for more information. Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org

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For FALL 2020 ONLY: Returning players from U8-U18 recreational teams active the previous year are given priority for placement on the same team if registered before June 30, 2020.


Returning players from U8-U18 recreational teams active the previous year are given priority for placement on the same team if registered before June 1.

Returning players who register after June 1 will go into the general player pool and be assigned to teams based on the date and time they registered and the availability of space on those teams.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Micro Program teams do not carry over to U8. All U8 players will be assigned to newly formed teams in the Modified Recreational program with placement emphasis based on the player’s elementary school as in the above placement criteria.

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When registering for U9-U19 you will be asked if your player wants to return to last year’s team. You can answer “no” and if possible, your player will be placed on a different team. If that is not possible, the registrar will contact you to explain your options.

Specific questions or concerns about your player’s placement should be sent to Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org BEFORE MAY 31. After registration closes on May 31 your player’s options may be limited. Once rosters are written in mid-June, players will NOT be moved to different teams.

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New in 2018: Friend requests are allowed with the following conditions:

  1. EYSA clubs are not required to allow friend requests. LHSC is accepting requests with NO PROMISES that any or all requests are fulfilled. Please set your and your child’s expectations accordingly and do not promise that they will be on the same team with a specific friend. Our sister clubs (Bellevue United, Newport, Mercer Island, and Issaquah FC) are allowed to accept friend requests, but may choose not to accept them. Each club is working to achieve the best outcome for all of their players.
  2. Any single player may request the maximum of one (1) friend per registration period. Please do not type in a long list of friends on the registration form. If multiple friend names are included on registration, only the first name will be considered.
  3. In order for a request to be considered, it must be mutual: your child and the other child must both request each other.

The goal of this new policy is to help each player increase their chances of playing on a team with a friend, not to build exclusive teams through a “daisy chain” list of requests entered by multiple parents.

Abuse of the friend request option or of club staff may result in the revocation of requests for all.

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Common reasons include:

  • The friend is in a different age group based on birth year
  • The request was not mutual
  • The requested friend is on an existing team that does not have space for any more players
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State rules limit team roster sizes. Sometimes the number of registered players does not align neatly with the number of teams and player spots available. If all teams are full, but there are not enough registered players to form another viable team, the registrants who signed up last will be placed on a waiting list. Between registration closing on May 31 and the start of school, most age groups do have a few players withdraw, so it’s definitely possible to join a team from the waitlist. Waitlisted players are given the option of a full refund and referrals to our sister clubs if they do not want to wait for a spot to become available.

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It’s a good idea to register for Recreational in April if you’re not sure if your child will receive or accept an offer to play Select.

Returning players from the previous year’s U8-U18 recreational teams are given priority for placement on the same team if registered before June 1, however, the lineup of teams and coaches available can change significantly in U10-U13 Rec.

We work hard to place all Rec registrants on a team, but signing up in late May can be risky for both new and returning players. Unfortunately, sometimes there are not enough spots for all the kids who want to play.

Securing a spot in Recreational keeps your player’s options open. Fees paid toward Rec can be applied toward LHSC Club Select registration. Players moving to a different club can request a refund, less $25 admin fee.

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You should receive a confirmation email from TeamSnap (our registration software platform) with a receipt for your payment. Check your junk mail folder if you don’t see it in your inbox and adjust your settings so you will receive future emails from TeamSnap. If you definitely do not receive an email, check with Registrar@lakehillssoccer.org to confirm that your email address is correct in the TeamSnap system.

After registration closes on May 31 the registrar will evaluate the number of players registered and the number of coaches who have volunteered. A group of players is not considered a team until they have a coach. If there are not enough coaches the club will contact parents and try to recruit a volunteer. The club provides equipment, training, and league administration, but we do not provide coaches—that’s up to the parents!

Once teams are established for each age and gender, registered players will be assigned to teams. Parent coaches always have their child/ren assigned to their team unless otherwise requested.

• U8-U19 Team rosters will be provided to coaches on TeamSnap in late June.
• Micro rosters are given to coaches in early September
Micro teams do not carry over to U8. New teams are formed when players move up to the Mod/Rec program.
• After rosters are released, Players will absolutely not be moved to different teams.
• You will receive an email from LHSC through TeamSnap inviting you to your player’s team.
• Coaches are asked to welcome everyone to the team when rosters are released. Remember, coaches are volunteers. Please be patient if you don’t hear from yours immediately.
• Uniforms will be available for pick up and purchase in August. Expect an email in July with more info.
• Practice days and times are assigned to coaches in August after the club receives our fields from the city and school district. If you have specific needs or requests, let your coach know when you hear from them over the summer.
• Game schedules will be available in late August
• Team practices usually begin in August, as directed by the coach. Each coach is responsible for notifying team about practice and game schedules

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Soccer games will be played on fields in Bellevue, Washington and other locations on the Eastside. The season is expected to start September 12, 2020 and end in mid November. Eastside Youth Soccer Association Clubs do not typically schedule games during the week but as field shortages occur other local Associations might.



Soccer practice fields and locations will be determined by the volunteer coaches in cooperation with the LHSC Practice Field volunteer.

Team practices, usually scheduled twice a week, usually begin in August and continue to the end of the season.

Age Divisions

“U” stands for “Under” so U12 is for children who are UNDER the age of 12 as of December 31.

Age groups are based on player birth year--no consideration is given to school grade level.


• Micro U6 & U7 Players born in 2014 & 2015; Program Saturday 9:00-10:30 AM
• Mod Rec U8 Players born in 2013; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• Mod Rec U9 Players born in 2012; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• Mod Rec U10 Players born in 2011; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• Mod Rec U11 Players born in 2010; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• Mod Rec U12 Players born in 2009; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• REC U13 Players born in 2008; Boys and Girls games typically played on Saturday
• REC U14 Players born in 2007; Girls games typically played on Saturday; Boys Sunday
• REC U15 Players born in 2006; Girls games typically played on Saturday; Boys Sunday
• REC U16 Players born in 2005; Boys and Girls games played on Sunday
• REC U17 Players born in 2004; Boys and Girls games played on Sunday
• REC U18 Players born in 2003; Boys and Girls games played on Sunday
• REC U19 Players born in 2002; Boys and Girls games played on Sunday


Lake Hills does not offer Spring or Summer Recreational soccer programs

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