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U10-U19 Select teams for boys and girls ages 9-18.

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Club Select soccer is a level of competition between that of Recreational and Premier play. Select soccer typically appeals to the player seeking a level of competition higher than Recreational play provides, but who is not able or willing to commit to the year-round program that is part of Premier soccer.

Each of the 5 clubs that comprise the Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA), have the opportunity to field a Select team at each age level.  Eastside Football Club (Eastside FC) is the Association's Premier club and fields the Premier teams. In general, the travel, cost and time commitment of Select soccer is considerably less than that of Premier programs, but quite a bit higher than Recreational.

Lake Hills strives to field 20 Club Select teams, 10 boys and 10 girls from U10-U19.  Historically, our teams have been very successful. In addition, our coaches are very loyal to the club.  It is not uncommon for coaches to stay with their team from inception at the young ages all the way through high school.  The Lake Hills Club Select program is truly a community program with the majority of the players and coaches coming up through the younger age groups of our Recreational program.

LHSC Club Select coaches are required to have certification by US Soccer and we encourage and require coaches to pursue advanced coaching education and licensing.


LHSC Club Select Coaches Profiles

LHSC prides itself on the quality, experience and integrity of our Select Coaches. Click on a coach below for their resume and coaching philosophy.


2020-21 Girls Teams

U10 Lake Hills Select G11 (will not be formed this year)
U11 Lake Hills Select G10 (will not be formed this year)
U12 Lake Hills Firehawks G09, Coach Alan Schon
U13 Lake Hills Lynx G08, Coach Eric Braddy
U14 Lake Hills Rising G07, Coach Stephan Gray
U18 Lake Hills Supreme G03, Coach Patrick O'Rourke

2020-21 Boys Teams

U10 Lake Hills Select B11, Coach Jim Shannon
U11 Lake Hills Legends B10, Coach Todd Karam
U12 Lake Hills Select B09, Coach Bill Capodanno
U13 Lake Hills Thunder B08, Coach Shawn Bird
U14 Lake Hills Select B07, Coach Patrick O’Rourke
U15 Lake Hills Hurricanes B06, Coach Currin Cyr  BU15 Select Soccer Handout 2020 
U17 Lake Hills Tigers B04, Coach Bill Capodanno
U18/19 Lake Hills Inferno B02, Coach Tiernan O’Rourke

Select FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the Lake Hills Soccer Club Select program.

On March 23, 2020 Washington state banned all gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational purposes for at least two weeks. However, City of Bellevue fields are closed through May 31 and Bellevue School District fields are closed until further notice. Without fields, it will not be possible to conduct tryouts. Lake Hills Soccer Club will keep members and prospective players informed through our website as well as emails sent to all who register for tryouts. Keep yourself in the loop and sign up for tryouts here:  
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Club Select soccer offers a level of competition quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but typically a tier lower than Premier soccer. That said, top level Select squads are often competitive with some Premier teams.

Our teams play in the North Puget Sound League (Bellevue to Bellingham, WSYSA Districts 1 and 2). Teams are placed in divisions within these leagues based on team strength with like opponents. Our desire is that every team have a season that is challenging and fun. That is, they are not overmatched nor consistently overmatch other teams.

Teams typically play in 1-3 summer tournaments, a 12-game fall league (except high school girls who play Dec-Mar), and then the WSYSA Founders Cup or President’s Cup in the winter and early spring months. WSYSA Cup participation is expected, not optional. There is also opportunity for a 6 match Spring league that some of our teams choose to play in.

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The time commitment for Club Select is quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but soccer doesn’t take over their lives.

Our teams play 8-10 months of the year and play 25-35 matches during that time. Teams typically practice twice per week for 3 hours total.

The atmosphere at games and practices is more focused and there is a high emphasis on technical, tactical, physical, and mental development. While the soccer gets more serious, the main goals are still having fun, growing as individuals and as a team, getting healthy exercise, learning life-lessons, competing at the appropriate level and playing a game we love with our friends.

August through State Cup in January/February it is expected that soccer will be the priority sport.

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  • Club Select plays 8-10 months per year while Premier is year-round.
  • Club Select expects soccer to be top priority September through early February (December-May for Girls U15+) but understands that other sports may take priority during spring and even part of summer. Most Premier clubs expect soccer to be priority all year
  • The majority of Club Select teams have skilled and experienced volunteer coaches but a few teams will have paid coaches. Premier teams have full-time paid coaches.
  • Lake Hills Club Select total costs are approximately $1000 per year for teams with volunteer coaches. Teams with paid coaches will have a higher cost of approximately $1600. Premier is approximately $3000 or more per year not including the extra travel involved.
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Absolutely, and this is a great benefit of Club Select.

However, from August through State Cup in January/February it is expected that soccer will be the priority sport.

Exception: high school age girls season is December through March and State Cup thereafter.

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May – tryouts
June – practice twice per week, may enter a tournament.
July – practice once or twice per week, may enter a tournament.
August – practice twice per week, may enter a tournament or two. Make final preparation for the Fall league season.
September – Mid-December – practice twice per week / play 12-14 league games (Saturdays for younger players – U-15 and above play on Sundays).
January and February – Practice twice per week. Enter State Cup (Founder’s or President’s Cup).

GU15-19 ONLY: 12 league games played December-March; State Cup April-May, tryouts for next year in late May. No practice or games Sept-Nov to allow players to participate in High School fall soccer.

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Costs include registration, uniform kit, and team fees.

2020 registration fee for Lake Hills Club Select is $450. Scholarships are available to reduce registration fees to $75.

Uniform kit is approximately $250. This includes home and away jerseys, shorts, socks, warm-ups, and kit bag.

Team fees vary from team to team as they cover tournament fees, equipment and other incidental expenses. The range is typically $200-$300.

Other costs related to travel may be present depending on team plans.


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Yes. Registration is reduced to $75 if a player qualifies. Contact the Registrar for more information:

The cost of a scholarship player’s basic uniform will be paid for by Lake Hills Soccer Club. Players leaving a team may be asked to return the uniform so it can be used by another player.

Team fees are still applicable but most teams work together to help scholarship players.

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Teams are formed each year through a selection process that involves two tryout sessions. These sessions are designed and run by the head coach who employs the assistance of at least 3 other evaluators. Players should plan to attend both sessions. Every player must try out for the team every year.

A minimum of 11 players (U11/U12 9 players min.) must be selected during tryouts and players must be present for at least one formal tryout session to be selected for the team. The exception is injured or sick players who may have the opportunity to tryout at informal sessions at the discretion of the head coach.

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It’s a good idea to register for Recreational in April if you’re not sure if your child will receive or accept an offer to play Select.

Returning players from the previous year’s U8-U18 recreational teams are given priority for placement on the same team if registered before June 1, however, the lineup of teams and coaches available can change significantly in U10-U13 Rec.

We work hard to place all Rec registrants on a team, but signing up in late May can be risky for both new and returning players. Unfortunately, sometimes there are not enough spots for all the kids who want to play.

Securing a spot in Recreational keeps your player’s options open. Fees paid toward Rec can be applied toward LHSC Club Select registration. Players moving to a different club can request a refund, less $25 admin fee.

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Tryouts are held every year for every LHSC Club Select team. All players must try our–including those who were on the team the previous year. New players are welcome.

Tryouts occur during the months of February or May depending on gender and age. Online pre-registration is recommended.

Each team has two tryout sessions lasting 90-120 minutes. Tryout sessions are designed by the head coach of each team and typically involve various exercises including small-sided games and scrimmages. Players should plan to attend both sessions.

Evaluators score and rank all the players and choose the first 11 players (first 9 players for U11/U12). The head coach decides on the remainder of the squad, 5-7 more players depending on roster size which ranges from 14-22 players depending on age group.

More details on the EYSA Tryout Policy can be found here: EYSA Tryout Guidelines

Lake Hills tryout results will be posted here: TRYOUT RESULTS PAGE

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Players are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions. Coaches usually plan different activities so they can see different things on each day, so participants aren’t just doing the same thing at both sessions.

That said, life happens, so if your player can only attend one session and wants a chance at a Lake Hills team, we definitely want them to come to at least one session.

It would be a good idea to reach out to the coach and notify them in advance so the evaluators know they need to pay close attention and get a good look during the one session they do attend. At the very least, if the player is only coming to the first one, let the coach know when you arrive.

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Yes. While most of our players live in the area, tryouts are open to all age-appropriate players.

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Yes. In order to “play up” a player must be ranked in the Top 11 by the tryout evaluators (Top 9 for U11/U12)

U11-U14 players are only allowed to play up one age level. Meaning, a U12 aged player could play U13, but not U14 or above.

Players aged U15-U19 are not restricted by age levels, so can play up on any team for which they earn a Top 11 spot.


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Playing time is not guaranteed. Some players will play more than others. However, all players will be given fair playing time.

For ages U10-U12 players should receive at least 50% playing time during league play unless there are discipline or attendance issues.

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Coaches are chosen through an interview process conducted by the LHSC Club Select Chair who provides recommendations to the LHSC Board of Directors. The LHSC Board approves the Club Select coaching staff.

Assistant coaches are chosen the by the head coach and must be approved by the LHSC Board. Most coaches are volunteer but some teams will have paid coaches.

We place a high emphasis on coaching education. To be considered for a head coaching position a coach must have a US Soccer E License (or show equivalent knowledge and plan to take the course in the first year). Coaches are encouraged to complete their D license the following year. To coach U15 and above a WSYSA D License is required.

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Select teams typically practice on turf at Robinswood East/West, Sammamish HS.  U10-U12 teams may practice on modified-sized fields as daylight permits.

During the summer our teams sometimes practice on grass at various fields within the Lake Hills boundaries.

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Our club hosts a Club Select information night each year.

Date, time, and location of this year’s meeting will be posted on the LHSC home page and the Club Select page.

If you miss this year’s meeting, you’ll find a lot of information in this list of FAQs.

You can also reach out to our Club Select Chair with specific questions:

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