LHSC Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of each month. LHSC coaches and parents are welcome to attend.

Contact Info@lakehillssoccer.org for more information.

If an email to any @lakehillssoccer.org address bounces back to you or is otherwise undeliverable, please contact LakeHillsSoccer@gmail.com directly. Thank you for your understanding as we work with our provider.

LHSC Board of Directors

NamePositionContact Email
PresidentBill CapodannoPrez@lakehillssoccer.org
Vice President Currin CyrVP@lakehillssoccer.org
SecretaryTodd KaramInfo@lakehillssoccer.org
Competition ChairCompetition@lakehillssoccer.org
Fields ChairCurrin CyrFields@lakehillssoccer.org
Referee CoordinatorLisa GetzendanerRefs@lakehillssoccer.org
Club Select ChairClubSelect@lakehillssoccer.org
Recreational ChairRecPgm@lakehillssoccer.org
Micro ChairJustin HuntMicro@lakehillssoccer.org
Equipment ChairEquipment@lakehillssoccer.org
At Large (Bookkeeping)Patty BrownePatty@lakehillssoccer.org
At Large (could include Marketing, webmaster, assistant to Chairs)
At Large (could include Marketing, webmaster, assistant to Chairs)
Rec Registrarregistrar@lakehillssoccer.org
Club Select RegistrarCSReg@lakehillssoccer.org