Modified Recreational Soccer

U8-U12 Fall Recreational league teams for boys and girls ages 7-11.

Registration will open at 9:00 AM on April 1, 2019

Modified Recreational "Mod Rec"

The Lake Hills Soccer Club Mod Rec soccer program is a FALL team experience for children ages 7 through 11.

"Modified" means that teams are smaller; 4-9 players on the field depending on age, with smaller fields and goals. This gives kids a lot of touches on the ball, which builds skill and confidence.

Mod soccer is focused on community values & youth development. Team rosters are grouped by neighborhood & schools.

Teams are coached by parents, grandparents, older siblings, and community members with ongoing support and training from both the club (LHSC) and Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) LEARN MORE ABOUT COACHING A TEAM!

Games are usually refereed by local teenagers  LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A PAID REFEREE!


Teams typically have 2 practices a week and a game each Saturday, generally between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, September through early November. Away games can be played in Issaquah, Mercer Island, Newport, West Bellevue, and Snoqualmie Valley (U11 &U12 only). Home games will be played within the LHSC boundaries.

Lake Hills does not currently offer Winter or Spring teams for Mod Rec players.

2018 Registration Fees

2019 Fees will be published in March

U8 = $175 including uniform

U9-U19 = $175 uniform NOT included

Late registration (after May 31) is on a space available basis only and is subject to a $25 late fee.


2019 Team Age Divisions

For all programs, the “U” stands for “Under” so U10 is for children who are UNDER the age of 10 as of December 31, etc.

● MOD U8 (players born in 2012) 4-a-side games with a max. of 8 players on the team roster. No goalkeeper.

● MOD U9 (players born in 2011) 5-a-side games with a max. of 9 players on the team roster.

● MOD U10 (players born in 2010) 7-a-side games with a max. of 12 players on the team roster.

● MOD U11 (players born in 2009) 9-a-side games with a max.of 14 players on the team roster.

● MOD U12 (players born in 2008) 9-a-side games with a max. of 14 players on the team roster.




Practices: Specific days, times, and locations for weekly team practice will be determined by each team's volunteer coach. U8-U10 teams usually attend one weekly "practice" with only their team and one weekly "Mod Clinic" session with the other LHSC teams in their age group for a total of two practices per week.  Coaches generally schedule their team practice in relation to the Mod Clinic day, so that teams practice on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Coaches are responsible for communicating practice schedules to the team. Team practices usually begin in August and continue through the end of the season. Both practices and Mod Clinic will take place at fields within LHSC boundaries.


Mod clinics

Mod Clinics are a weekly practice session in which all LHSC teams in an age group (U8-U10)  gather at one location. Clinicians work on skills and drills with coaches and players. Teams also often fit in a scrimmage with another LHSC team. The schedule will be posted below as soon as it's written, which is dependent upon the fields that LHSC is able to rent from the city and school district.



Boys & Girls U08 TBD5:00-6:30*September-October
Boys & Girls U09TBD5:00-6:30*September-October
Boys U10TBD5:00-6:30*September-October
Girls U10TBD5:00-6:30*September-October

*End time subject to change based on daylight


Games will be played on smaller-than-regulation sized fields at various locations and times on the Eastside tentatively beginning Saturday, September 8, 2018, and ending mid to late November. Game schedule is provided to coaches by the league in late August.



Rosters are released to coaches in late June. No changes will be made to rosters other than the addition of late registrants if space is available. Coaches are asked to communicate to all players as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the coach to explain team policies and expectations as well as provide practice and game schedules.

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