Club Select Registration

Player Fall Registration

The registration link below is to be used only by parents of players who have been offered and accepted a position on a Lake Hills Club Select team. If your child was not offered a spot on a Club Select team, do not register for a Club Select team. Unauthorized use will result in a $25 fee to cancel the registration.

The registration fee does not cover team fund or uniform.

2022 Registration fee = $500

Team fund fees to cover summer tournaments and other activities are set and collected by each team’s treasurer and can range from $200-$300 per player.

Uniforms are ordered through each individual team at a cost of approximately $250.

Scholarships are available to help with registration fee and uniform costs. Email for more information.

As part of the online registration process you will have the option to set up automatic installment payments and spread the registration fee out over several months. This is an option that allows families to get their player/s registered on time and not have to pay a large sum up front.

IMPORTANT: If a monthly payment is declined for any reason, the parent will be contacted. At that time they are responsible to immediately provide either a new payment method for monthly installments or pay the player's balance in full. A player account with a delinquent payment or outstanding balance may be reviewed by the Board of Directors with player subject to roster removal until the balance is cleared or new payment terms are reached.

Unauthorized Club Select registration will result in a $25 administrative fee.

The registration fee link above is to be used ONLY by parents of players who have been offered and accepted a position on a Lake Hills Club Select team.

Player Tryout Registration

ALL participants, including those who were on a team previously, must register for tryouts.

Online registration is free and strongly encouraged. If online registration is not possible, player must bring a signed paper registration form to tryouts or a parent must come to tryouts and complete a paper registration form in person.

Unregistered players will not be allowed to participate in tryouts.

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