Health and Safety


Lightning Safety Policy

The official policy of WYS and EYSA is based on the NOAA recommendations for safety found here:

If lightning is sighted and/or thunder heard, practices and games should be paused and all players vacated to a safe shelter. No play should be resumed until both thunder and lightning have passed and been gone for at least 30 minutes.


Heat and Air Quality Guidelines POLICY DOCUMENT

Air Quality

• U-16 and Above: If the air quality index as measured by the Washington State Department of Ecology, reaches “Unhealthy” (Red) or higher it is the EYSA recommendation that all outdoor soccer related activities (games and practices) be suspended and or cancelled until the air quality reaches good to moderate readings.
• U-15 and Below: If the air quality index reaches “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” (Orange) it is the EYSA recommendation that that all outdoor soccer related activities be suspended and or cancelled until the air quality reaches good to moderate readings.
• Players Uniquely Sensitive to Unhealthy Air Quality: It would be expected that player/parent and coach communicate regarding such sensitivity and if the player chooses to participate it is at their own risk.


• The official recommendation from EYSA is based on the recommendations for heat safety found here:
• LHSC will index their heat safety recommendations based on the following website:
• EYSA clubs and teams should discontinue all practices and games anytime the heat index is in the “Danger” (Orange) or “Extreme Danger” (Red) zones.
• For heat index measurements in the “Extreme Caution” (Light Orange) zone, the play/no-play decision is left to the coaches’ discretion based on the physical condition and hydration of their team.


Washington’s Zackery Lystedt Law addresses the risk of concussions and head injuries in youth sports, with specific requirements for education and compliance by players, parents, coaches, and organizations such as youth soccer clubs or associations.

Education and Awareness

A pamphlet must be read and informed consent must be signed annually by parents and youth athletes acknowledging the risk of head injury prior to practice or competition.

Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Pamphlet

[English] [Espanol]     Download and read before signing agreement


Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest AGREEMENT

[English] [Spanish]     Print and sign after reading the pamphlet.

Injury and Return to Play

  • To report any injury to a Lake Hills Soccer Club player email
  • A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion must be REMOVED FROM PLAY
  • Keep an athlete with a possible concussion out of play on the day of injury and until cleared by a health care provider.
  • Coach or parent should NOT try to judge the severity of injury unless qualified. Only a health care provider should assess an athlete for a possible concussion.
  • Coaches should record and share information about the injury, such as how it happened and the athlete’s symptoms to help a health care provider assess the athlete.
  • Coaches should inform the athlete’s parent or guardian about the possible concussion and refer them to for concussion information
  • If the athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, they MUST follow a progressive return to participation protocol (under the supervision of an approved health care provider) before full participation is authorized. The return to play protocol may not begin until the participant is no longer showing signs or symptoms of concussion.
  • An athlete diagnosed with a concussion must present their coach with written clearance from their health care provider in order to return to participation. Athletes diagnosed with concussion should not attend practices until cleared to participate.
  • If at any time symptoms return, the athlete is removed from participation and must resume the return to play protocol.
  • For more information visit:


Additional Concussion Resources


Additional Health & Safety Resources


EYSA Rest and Recovery Guidelines

EYSA has adopted a set of Rest and Recovery Guidelines for tournaments and multi-match weekends in order to decrease fatigue accumulation, improve fitness benefits, and ensure that EYSA players (as well as coaches and managers) understand and are being offered a higher level of protection to their bodies as athletes, EYSA has adopted a set of Rest and Recovery Guidelines. These guidelines are highly recommended (but not mandatory) in order to optimize and promote the continued health and safety of our EYSA athletes.

EYSA Health and Safety page

Linked resources include suggestions for First Aid kits, nutrition, and warmups.


Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management and Safety

Resources include US Youth Soccer Risk Management and Kid Safe information, as well as Transportation and Moveable Goalpost Safety.


Washington Youth Soccer Insurance Claim Process

Includes overview of what WSYSA insurance covers and how to file a claim.

NOTE: The claim form should only be completed by the Team Coach or Manager, preferably the Team Coach or Manager who was present at the time of the accident. No other person(s) are authorized to initiate a claim form. If someone other than the Team Coach or Manager submits the claim, it will be denied.


Coach + Volunteer Information and Links

All LHSC coaches, team managers, and board members must complete the following steps in order to volunteer.

  1. Register with the club each year, updating contact information as needed. Coaches will find links to register on the main Coaches page of the website.
  2. Clear a nationwide background check each year through the Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Application (RMA) system.
  3. Complete certification in Sudden Cardiac Arrest awareness every three years.
  4. Complete SafeSport online training and submit all three certificates to LHSC Registrar every year.

RMA Risk Management Application

A Risk Management Application (RMA) needs to be completed for every LHSC volunteer. This includes coaches, trainers, team managers, team photographers, etc. It is a simple online application. Volunteers under the age of eighteen (18) must have a parent/guardian's electronic signature on the legal agreement to run a national background check.

Please use your legal first and last name when completing the form.

Visit the RMA link for WA Youth Soccer Volunteers:

Open the REGISTRATION tab, and choose "Coach/Admin" registration. You will either log in with your existing Affinity user name and password or create a new account (if you're a new employee or volunteer)

This registration initiates the national background check as required by Washington Youth Soccer.

Background checks are valid for one year from the application date, and must be renewed for each coach and volunteer before being assigned to the team's roster.

Coaches will not be given access to player rosters or issued practice fields without a cleared, valid RMA.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness

On July 24, 2015, Senate Bill 5083 – also known as the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Act – became effective. The law mandates that ALL coaches (paid or volunteer) at organizations using public school district facilities in the State of Washington are educated in the nature and risk of sudden cardiac arrest prior to the first practice/competition.

The training takes approximately 15 minutes and is available for free at

Certification is valid for three years.

  1. Go to: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Training
  2. Select "Order Course"
  3. First time users, click on "Register Here"
  4. Set up your account, verify your email; then
  5. Select "Courses" at the top;
  6. Use the search bar to find "Sudden Cardiac Arrest"; then
  7. Float the pointer over course and select "View Course"; then
  8. Select "Order Course" and follow the prompts through checkout;
  9. Access and complete the course.
  10. DOWNLOAD and save your certificate of completion
  11. Compose a new email with subject line “Certification” to: with a copy of your certificate attached. Registrar will reply to confirm receipt.


About Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Young Athletes: The Nick of Time Foundation


SafeSport Abuse Prevention 

On February 14th, 2018, the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 was enacted by Congress and became federal law.

The Act creates a new ‘standard of care’ for all organizations providing youth sport programming. In short, the new Act requires Prevention Training and Prevention Policies.

As a member of  US Youth Soccer, and Washington Youth Soccer, Lake Hills Soccer Club now requires all coaches, managers, and board members to complete the training linked below and submit certificates to the Club Registrar.

Training is offered in English, Spanish, and French.

Allow up to 2.5 hours for completion. Certificates are valid for 1 year.


  1. Go to:
  2. Use Access Code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M
  3. Confirm that ‘U.S. Soccer’ membership is on your profile as you set up your account; Add US Soccer if not shown.
  4. Check your email, confirm SafeSport account, and log in.
  5. Start training with "Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education" activity.
  6. Complete all three activities and download the following THREE CERTIFICATES upon completion:
    Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
    Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
    Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  7. Compose an email with subject line: SafeSport
  8. Include the name of your team/s in the body of the email
  9. Attach all three certificates to the email
  10. Send to

Coaches will not be given access to player rosters or issued practice fields without proof of current certification.


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