Club Select Tryouts

2018 Club Select tryout schedules and information

Tryouts are an opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills, coachability, and sportsmanship to a group of evaluators. After the second session, each team’s coach will consult with the evaluators, compile player scores and offer spots on the team to 12-18+ players depending on the team’s age.

Before official tryouts begin, LHSC offers 2-3 optional kickarounds to help players prepare. More information: Kickaround Schedule.

LHSC tryout results will be published to the TRYOUTS RESULTS PAGE. No results will be posted, nor official offers made, prior to the last tryout for the age group among all the EYSA Select clubs. Players must email the coach to accept the official offer once results are posted. Please see TRYOUT GUIDELINES

LHSC Club Select tryouts have ended for this season.

Attendance at BOTH sessions is strongly encouraged

Schedule is subject to change. Updates will be highlighted in RED


TeamsSession 1Session 2
BU11 Lake Hills Born 2008Tue May 8Sat May 12
Dan Peach5:30-7:00 PM11:30-1:00 PM
dr_peach@hotmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood West
BU12 Lake Hills Born 2007Thu May 10Sat May 12
Patrick O'Rourke5:30-7:00 PM1:15-2:45 PM Robinswood EastRobinswood East
BU13 Hurricanes Born 2006Thu May 17Sat May 19
Currin Cyr 5:30-7:30 PM11:00-1:00 PM
Currin_Cyr@hotmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood West
BU14 Blue Devils Born 2005Tue May 15Sat May 19
Alistair Sloan7:00-8:30 PM3:00-4:30 PM
aasloan@gmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East
BU15 Tigers Born 2004Tue May 15Sat May 19
Bill Capodanno7:00-8:30 PM3:00-4:30 PM
billcap@outlook.comRobinswood EastRobinswood West
BU16 Lightning Born 2003Sat Feb 24Sun Feb 25
Mark Calleja2:45 – 4:15 pm2:45 – 4:15 pm Robinswood EASTRobinswood EAST
BU17—Lake Hills B02Sat Feb 24Sun Feb 25
Tiernan O'Rourke1:00 – 2:30 pm1:00 – 2:30 pm Robinswood EASTRobinswood EAST
BU18 2001, BU19 2000 NO TEAMS

NO TEAMS: BU18 2001, BU19 2000


Attendance at BOTH sessions is strongly encouraged

Schedule is subject to change. Updates will be highlighted in RED



TeamsSession 1Session 2
GU11 Lake Hills Born 2008Thu May 10Sat May 12
Eric Braddy5:30-7:00 PM3:00-4:30 PM
Embradd@msn.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East
GU12 Lake Hills United 2007Tue May 8Sat May 12
Jay Cowles5:30-7:00 PM9:30-11:00 AM
jay@nwwealth.comRobinswood EastRobinswood West
GU13 Shadow Born 2006Tue May 15Sat May 19
David Gilchrist5:30-7:00 PM9:15-10:45 AM Robinswood EastRobinswood West
GU14 2005 NO TEAM
GU15 Blue Dynamite Born 2004Tue May 15Sat May 19
Yatin Aras5:30-7:00 PM1:15-2:45 PM
yatinaras@hotmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East
GU16 Supreme Born 2003 Tue May 22Thu May 24
Patrick O'Rourke5:30-7:00 PM5:15-6:45 PM
orourkepl@msn.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East
GU17 2002 NO TEAM
GU18 Extreme Born 2001Tue May 22Thu May 24
Cherish Gortner7:00-8:30 PM6:30-8:00 PM
cgortner@hotmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East
GU19 Pumas Born 2000Tue May 22Thu May 24
Chuck Bedrosian7:00-8:30 PM6:30-8:00 PM
chuck.bedrosian@gmail.comRobinswood EastRobinswood East

NO TEAMS: GU14 2005, GU17 2002

Field Locations

Robinswood Park  14919 SE 22nd St Bellevue WA 98007

Parking for turf fields is best accessed from SE 22nd. Overflow parking is available across SE 22nd in the Big Picture School lot, onstreet on 150th, or in the park’s west lot near the playground.

  • Robinswood East #1 (RWE) is the field closest to the baseball field
  • Robinswood West #2 (RWW) is the field closest to 148th NE

Tips for Tryouts:

  • Pre-REGISTER! Parent permission (online or hard copy) is required for ALL players, including those who were on a team previously. Pre-registration online is free and strongly encouraged. If online registration is not possible, player must bring a signed paper registration form to tryouts or a parent must come to tryouts and complete a paper registration form in person. Unregistered players will not be allowed to participate in tryouts. Printable 2018 Club Select Tryout Form
  • Consider attending one or more informal kickarounds. Kickarounds aren’t required but they give players a chance to prepare physically and meet coaches and potential teammates. KICKAROUND SCHEDULE PAGE.
  • Plan to attend both tryout sessions. Different activities are planned for each session, to give evaluators a good look at all players. If it’s not possible to attend both sessions be sure to let the coach know by using the email address below or talking to them at or before the first session.
  • Check the schedule. Sometimes changes to the tryout schedule are unavoidable. Those registered online will be notified of changes, but always consult the website schedule to confirm.
  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the start of tryouts to allow time to check in, receive a numbered vest, and warm up.
  • Coaches will be available to speak to parents before and after tryouts. Parents are welcome to stay and observe but are asked to stay off the field.
  • What to bring:
    • Shinguards and soccer shoes
    • Water
    • Clothing appropriate for the weather
    • Sunscreen if necessary
    • Appropriately-sized ball is optional. Make sure yours has your name on it if you bring one!
  • What not to bring:
    • Club or team clothing—tryouts are not the place to wear your club uniform. Professional and college team gear is fine.
    • Pets. Service animals are the only animals allowed at LHSC tryouts, practices, and games.
    • Gum, beverages other than water. Keep our turf fields clean!
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