Club Select Tryout Results

Tryout Results

LHSC official tryout results will be posted in order of tryout vest number on this page.

Players may receive a phone call or have a conversation with the coaching staff prior to posting. If a player is contacted verbally by coaches before the conclusion of a particular teams’ tryouts and prior to the online posting the offer is not official.

Offers will not be posted before all EYSA clubs have held at least one Club Select tryout session for that age/gender. EYSA clubs are Bellevue United FC, Issaquah FC, Mercer Island FC, and Newport FC.

The 24 hour offer acceptance period begins after all EYSA teams within the age/gender have posted results on their websites. Players cannot be required or pressured to accept an offer before all EYSA clubs post results.

Offer Acceptances

Players who have received an offer to join a Club Select team will have a limited time to consider the offer and either accept or decline. After the online offer posting, players and alternates must send an email to the coach formally accepting or declining the offer. Players are required to accept or reject offers within 24 hours after the offers have been posted, otherwise alternates will be selected.


How to accept or reject an offer

Within 24 hours of the results posting, use the email address below, send an email to the coach stating your first and last name and whether you accept or reject the offer.

Alternates must answer the question: “If a roster spot on this team became available would you accept?”


Team Registration will open after the acceptance period. SELECT REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

Boys HS Tryout Results 2019

Team &CoachPlayers & AlternatesEmail Deadline
BU16 Tigers B04
Coach Bill Capodanno
BU17 Lightning B03
BU18 Inferno B02
Tiernan O’Rourke

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