Club Select soccer offers a level of competition quite a bit higher than Recreational soccer but typically a tier lower than Premier soccer. That said, top level Select squads are often competitive with some Premier teams.

Our teams play in the North Puget Sound League (Bellevue to Bellingham, WSYSA Districts 1 and 2). Teams are placed in divisions within these leagues based on team strength with like opponents. Our desire is that every team have a season that is challenging and fun. That is, they are not overmatched nor consistently overmatch other teams.

Teams typically play in 1-3 summer tournaments, a 12-game fall league (except high school girls who play Dec-Mar), and then the WSYSA Founders Cup or President’s Cup in the winter and early spring months. WSYSA Cup participation is expected, not optional. There is also opportunity for a 6 match Spring league that some of our teams choose to play in.