New in 2018: Friend requests are allowed with the following conditions:

  1. EYSA clubs are not required to allow friend requests. LHSC is accepting requests with NO PROMISES that any or all requests are fulfilled. Please set your and your child’s expectations accordingly and do not promise that they will be on the same team with a specific friend. Our sister clubs (Bellevue United, Newport, Mercer Island, and Issaquah FC) are allowed to accept friend requests, but may choose not to accept them. Each club is working to achieve the best outcome for all of their players.
  2. Any single player may request the maximum of one (1) friend per registration period. Please do not type in a long list of friends on the registration form. If multiple friend names are included on registration, only the first name will be considered.
  3. In order for a request to be considered, it must be mutual: your child and the other child must both request each other.

The goal of this new policy is to help each player increase their chances of playing on a team with a friend, not to build exclusive teams through a “daisy chain” list of requests entered by multiple parents.

Abuse of the friend request option or of club staff may result in the revocation of requests for all.