Eastside Youth Soccer Association – our local soccer association – and each of our sister clubs are working together, along with Washington Youth Soccer, to determine how our players will be able to return to play for a fall season.


·  We are meeting on a bi-weekly schedule to prepare and expect to have a decision by the middle of July. We will adapt our plans as new information comes in and will update you further as soon as plans can be finalized.


·  In the meantime, we are planning on having a fall season!  Registration is currently open.  Please register as soon as possible. To form teams and build leagues in time to play in September, we need player information in the next 2 weeks.

If you haven’t yet registered, we are interested in your feedback to this survey: https://forms.gle/LAAm6NYSSiSoKcq38


·  LHSC will refund all registration fees minus the banking fees if the season is cancelled or if there is a season and players who have registered change their minds and withdraw


·  We will be also closely watching what happens with the public schools.  As you may know, we rent many of our practice and game fields from our local school districts, so any decisions that they make will affect us as well.


·  For more information regarding WYS’s path forward, please visit their Return to Play site here.