Lake Hills soccer families,

As we return to play soccer this year after a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LHSC has been closely following the Return to Play guidelines that have been established and regularly updated by the state of Washington and Washington Youth Soccer (WYS). You can find a link to the LHSC/WYS guidelines on the LHSC Website.

The LHSC board of directors has established a set of best practices based on the WYS guidelines. We are communicating these best practices and recommendations to all families in the club in the hopes that all of our players, coaches and families will follow them in order to ensure a safe and fun season for everyone.

1. If you are not feeling well, stay home. This includes players, coaches and supporters
2. Players should be socially distanced (>6 feet) at practices and games. Masks should be worn on the sidelines by players during games.
3. Players are not required to wear masks while playing.
4. It is recommended that coaches wear masks at games and practices.
5. It is highly recommended that all spectators wear masks and that family groups are socially distanced.

Thank you for your attention to these recommendations. If you have any questions, please email us at

Have a great season!

Lake Hills Soccer Club