LHSC Puts Used Gear “Back in Play”

LHSC and one of it’s U10 teams, Marmots FC collected nearly 200 soccer balls, and other gear to be “put back in play”.  Players and parents canvassed all of EYSA’s clubs for support and got a great response for gathering together gently used gear that could be sent to communities in Africa.  Kids from the U10 Marmot team headed-up the charge and worked with Peace Passers to get the gear to communities in need.

LHSC would like to thank EYSA partner clubs and their teams for contributing to the gear drive.

If you have storage units full of soccer balls or full team uniforms, please reach out to Mike Wilson for getting your gear put back in play.

Balls and gear ready to be shipped to their new home

A couple hundred soccer balls and boxes of uniforms and other gear. Ready to be put back in play!